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Monday, August 27, 2012


Many Muslim consumers are not aware of the fact that a lot of Ceramic material and some Water filtration media used in most water filtration system available in the market are derived from animal substance. Ceramic materials are usually found in the first part of any water filtration system and is mainly made by manufacturer in China & Korea. It works to screen materials of mud, moss, microorganism and contaminants before going through the next filtration process. But one fact that needs to be recognized by all Muslim consumers are some of Ceramic materials available in the market contains a materials derived from 'Animal Bones' that are heated to high temperatures—in the range of 400 to 500 °C (752 to 932 °F)— in an oxygen-depleted atmosphere to control the quality of the product as related to its adsorption capacity for applications such as defluoridation of water and removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions. For the water filtration process, it is then crushed, processed and formed into a shape of a tube-like, dome-like or Ceramic ball compression to be installed on the water filter cartridges. 

This media is called Bone char - also known as bone black, ivory black, animal charcoal, or abaiser. It is a granular material produced by charring animal bones The second fact is more frightening is that some of this material is also made from the bones of Swine. The technology is the same as making a material in porceline technology, which uses industrial materials Ceramic, Ceramic Ball, Ceramic Disc, etc. which are widely used as ingredients in the water treatment devices on the market including the international standard. The most popular and most widespread is its use of the materials' Bone-China 'high quality, durable and cost-effective.' 'Bone-Chinese' or 'Fine Bone-China' is so popular and quite widely used in the industry. 

Thus, for Muslim consumers should be careful. Not only Ceramics & bone char material is widely used for water treatment devices, but also other industrial & consumer products are also using this substance like tooth bleaching, tooth paste ingredients, dishes, cosmetics, ink, dye / ink and printer devices and many more. It is often used in the sugar refining industry for decolorizing and also used to refine crude oil in the production of petroleum jelly.

Prof Dr. Noordin Darus, a Medical Doctor & Blood Cancer survivor from Malaysia recognize and realize this and provide an alternative to the Muslim consumers to choose a water filter system designed by him that not only uses filtration media which is Halal, pure with non-animal substances but also contains special unique ionized Clay that uses Islamic 'Taharah' purification method, Alhamdulillah. Furthermore, Rx-Water Filtration System with his own design using ceramic material which is made from high quality natural Ceramic. RxWater Filtration System is THE ONLY Water Filter brand that awarded with the 'MALAYSIA GOOD DESIGN AWARD' by Malaysia Government and also has been awarded with International HALAL certification. 



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